Monday, December 22, 2008

Guest Entry: Wiz-Dumb

Wiz-dumb: noun. The type of parenting "wisdom" or advice an outside person gives a parent, though the parent thinks the advice itself is worthless.

Thanks to mommy Brenda for sending in this word and story.

Brenda's family never puts up a Christmas tree because they are not home for Christmas, but there is generally one where she and her family go for the holidays. This year they are bringing with them an 11 month old and she is concerned about the baby playing with the Christmas tree. When she brought this up to her relatives, she was told, "Don't worry. If he gets around the tree, we'll just tell him 'no'."

(For those of you who aren't parents, you can't tell an 11 month old "no" and expect it to have a lasting effect. You can't just tell him once and that be it. He will still need heightened supervision to keep him away from the tree. I can't even keep my 16 month old away from mine.)


*Just Jen* said...

This is a GREAT word! There is nothing worse than a NON-parent giving you advice about parenting!

Brenda said...

"There is nothing worse than a NON-parent giving you" With the exception of a "well meaning"
IN-LAW lol