Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project aghastness

First of all, I haven't been here since January??? Seriously? Ok, my fault. Completely and utterly so. But there has been lots going on around here. Husband and I learned how to make jam. We planted what *started* as a really tiny garden that has boomed and now takes up way more space than I planned. But it's a good thing.
See that? That's a baby cherry tomato. And it seems like it is taking But, anyway...

Project Aghastness: noun. The feeling of utter astonishment when your child takes on a seemingly impossible project and causes it to actually work.

All unattended cardboard belongs to Philosopher Child. He makes planes and cuts holes and such. Half the time I really don't know what he's working on. But this week's project really takes the cake.

He made a boomerang.

Out of cardboard.

And it worked.


I stood out in the yard and watched him throw it. And I kid you not, that thing came back to him. Really. It happened. I expected it to just sail away, especially when he told me that it particularly comes back if you throw it straight up. However, as I stood there and watched him throw it in a direction that was most certainly NOT straight up, and then watched it arch back to him, I was stunned. Totally stunned.

Husband told me that Philosopher Child had patiently bent parts this way and that until it finally worked.

As a mom, I'm so proud. And shocked. But mostly proud.