Monday, May 24, 2010

Jellyroll Project

Jellyroll Project: noun. A project that starts as nothing at all, or even from something unrelated, but rolls up to be much bigger than anticipated.

Watching a baseball movie=reseeding the lawn. Did you know that? Me, either.

Husband and the Boys were watching an old movie about Lou Gehrig. This lead the boys to want to go out and play baseball, which Husband took care of while I did the dishes. A short time later, Husband poked his head inside and asked me to keep on eye on the Boys because he was working on something. I went out and found that Husband had pulled up a very roughly 1/3 of the yard. Apparently, being outside with the boys caused him to notice that a great deal of the backyard was nothing but sand and weeds.

So now, the grass seed has been chosen. The section of the yard we are going to reseed first is getting clearer and clearer. And on a class section of our door, written in dry erase marker, is a diagram of the yard with appropriate measurements that only an engineer could love.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ridiculcy: noun. Policies that make no sense but you must abide by them anyway.

Where I live, the school year is winding down to its last few days. With the end in sight, the principal of our school asked us to participate in the brand-new, shiny, incredibly awesome "Online Registration" for the upcoming year. Seems simple enough. Online registration=not having to hand carry the papers to the school. How awesome is that?

So, after following the trail of links you have to follow to get to the fabled registration form, I found out something...confusing. To me, and I'm sure to you, "online registration" means just that. Registering online. Turns out that is not this school's definition of the term. Then what is their definition, you may ask.

Are you ready for this?

According to this school, "online registration" is being able to download the form to print it out at home and bring it to school, as opposed to having to pick up a form at the school.

Last time I checked, that's not what that meant...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Exhibit A

Exhibit A: noun. Any evidence or set of circumstances that show things didn't exactly happen the way your child says they did.

Aaaaaand...we're back. Sorry about the time away, folks. The family are all better, and I just have a bit of a cough and sore throat left, but nothing I can't work through. Much better than before when I had trouble just being up and didn't want to be awake, but couldn't sleep. So now, on with our story.

Husband's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I made him is favorite: German Chocolate Cake. As a side note, this is odd because he likes neither chocolate nor coconut, but I guess in cake form...?

Anyway, in the early hours of the morning, Husband and I were in bed when we heard the clink of the metal bowl we used to cover the cake being moved. Husband jumped out of bed and caught Philosopher Child sitting on a bar stool suspiciously close to the cake. Husband told him to leave it alone.

When the morning started a short time later, Philosopher Child came to me and told me the dog had gotten on the stool, lifted the bowl with her nose, and licked the frosting off the cake.

Wait, which dog? You mean this dog? This overweight fur ball? You say this dog, this dog right here, got up on a bar stool 3 feet off the ground? Seriously?

He was adiment that his story was true. When I lifted the cover, the frosting was indeed missing from the cake. But of course, this not the way it happened. Friends, I present to you Exhibit A: He was found sitting on the stool the dog was supposedly on, the dog would have eaten the whole cake and not just the frosting, and come on. Look at her.

He later recanted his story.

Reminds me of another time...