Friday, December 26, 2008


Confusasign (confuse-a-sign): noun. A sign that has an obvious meaning to an adult, but is confusing to a child.

PBS, you've done it again. Thanks to our buddy Curious George for teaching Monkey Son #1 about signs.

So, he now knows that if a sign has an image, and that image is circled with a line through it, it means no. For example, a picture of a dog that is circled with a line through it means no dogs allowed. Pretty simple.

So a few weeks ago, we are driving through an area we rarely visit when Monkey Son #1 sees a no parking sign. "No Parking" was not written out, but instead was a large letter "P" circled with a line through it.

"Look," said Monkey Son #1. "P's aren't allowed there."

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