Saturday, June 27, 2009

Poo-Poo Padoo Part III

Poo-Poo Padoo: noun. Any sort of catastrophe involving poop.

Part I
Part II

We've been testing the waters of potty training with Monkey Son #2 over the past few months. One of his favorite books is now Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel. At one point, the character Joshua, who is trying to learn how to use the potty, has an accident on the floor. All of the sudden, that part stuck out to Monkey Son #2, and he started saying "Poopy uh floor!" (Translation: Poopy goes on the floor!)

One of the first times he said it, he went over by the toy box, then came back. Again he said, "Poopy uh floor!"


I looked behind him and saw, yes. Poopy uh floor.

So here's how our conversations go now.

"Where does poopy go?"

"Uh floor!"

"No, poopy goes on the potty. OK?"


"Where does poopy go?"

"Uh floor!"


Rebecka Jeffs said...

oh no! maybe you should sip that page!! lol

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