Monday, October 27, 2008

Vanishing Nostalgia

Vanishing Nostalgia: noun. Things you knew as a child but realize that your children may never know.

OK, I fully admit that what I'm about to say is going to sound silly. A few days ago, Husband and I wanted Pizza Hut. We didn't want to order it in, but go to one of the sit-down locations and have a pizza and a pitcher of soda. I know, I know, not exactly health food, and since I'm trying to lose weight, not the best choice. But we really wanted to go. Our local Pizza Hut is not a sit down location, so I looked up online where the closest one was. Fifteen miles? Seriously? Well, we really wanted it.

We packed up Monkey Boys in the car and headed off, but a couple of miles from our destination, we ran into a parade. Darn it. Plans canceled. But we did try again last night, and after having to make a U-turn because we missed it, we arrived.

Upon walking in, we were startled. This was an eat-in restaurant in the way a McDonald's is an eat-in restaurant. Go up to the counter, order from a large lighted menu hanging a few inches below the ceiling, and eat off of paper plates. We were disappointed, but already there. Sadly, we found the food to be wanting, at best. Not nearly as good as we remembered from a few years before. This was not the nostalgic experience we wanted.

And here's something funny: They expect to be tipped here. No, I'm serious. You stand in line to order at the counter. You get paper plates to eat from. If you want a drink, extra napkin, or *gasp* eating utensil, get up and get it yourself. When you're done, clear the table yourself. I mean, they even bring you the pizza already in a box. They want a tip for being a waiter when they haven't done any waiting? Seriously? I'm not saying I'm too lazy to do for myself. What I'm saying is I don't tip at fast-food restaurants, as there are no waiters and you do everything for yourself. So why would I tip at a place that's exactly like a fast-food restaurant?


Totallyscrappy said...

I'm so sad for you. Pizza hut from a neon board??? No red cups? No pitcher of soad? They brought it out IN the box?? I'm flabbergasted.
And the whole tipping thing is way outta control.

Kristina said...

NO! None of that good stuff! And further more, you know that awesome thick sauce they serve with the bread sticks? Another casualty. I don't know what they gave us, but it was like water and ketchup.

I now understand that Pizza Huts are just going that direction and getting away from the other kind. We wanted our pitcher of soda.