Friday, October 31, 2008

Domestic Glitch

Domestic Glitch: noun. An instance when a person tries their hardest to run a smooth household, but something still goes wrong.

So, we planted this little garden a few weeks ago, and it is still doing OK. I'm thrilled. We've been able to add lavender, rosemary, and basil to our cooking, and soon we'll have tomatoes and peppers. It's wonderful, but it does need to be watered daily, although it doesn't take a large amount.

The other day I was watering from a hose with sprayer attachment. When I was done, I simply tossed the hose aside. It landed just right upon the trigger and lay there continually spraying into the air. Yes, I got wet.

This afternoon, I had some things that needed to be bleached. I don't use bleach very often, and there are very few things that I use it for, but this was one of those instances. I opened the detergent tray of our front loading washer and added bleach to the specific bleach compartment, then closed it and went to get the items I needed washed. When I opened the door to the washer, I saw that the tray doesn't hold the bleach, but allows it to drip through. So, because of the shape and design, the bleach ran out of the washer and onto the floor. I got to have many thoughts I would rather have not had, like...Did I just ruin my shoes? How do I get straight bleach up off the floor? WHAT KIND OF WASHER DESIGN IS THIS?

I'm telling you...somewhere out there is an engineer sitting at his desk and laughing hysterically because he knows his bleach tray design is going to get somebody...

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Jessica Lynn said...

OH NO! I hope you got it all cleaned up and nothing got ruined!

I've done that with a hose MANY a time myself! Never fun.