Monday, October 20, 2008

Guest entry: Flump

Flump: noun. Refers to the lumps and bumps at the toes of your socks that pinch little toes when put into shoes.

Brenda, another mom, sent in this word and definition. She adds, "I spent more time chasing flumps when Dylan was a toddler 'til he was about 6. By the way, Joe Boxer and Payless Shoes brand socks are virtually frump free."

I'm really tickled at this. I remember hating the feeling made by the seam at the end of the sock and would pull the toes of my socks up, and the left and right sides toward the center to avoid the "flumps" made by the seam. You know, I have no idea if I still do that. If I do, I don't think about it. I'll have to pay attention next time I put my sneakers on.