Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Holiday Time Warp

Holiday Time Warp: noun. The strange yet common situation of losing several weeks or months of time upon walking into a store.

So, the holidays are just around the bend. You're trying to keep your child away from their Halloween costume so they don't ruin it before trick-or-treating. Several family member started hounding you at the end of September, wanting to know who's house you are going to for Thanksgiving. Maybe you are even still struggling with getting your kids to finish their homework and get up in time for school, and if that's not enough, stores want to remind you that Christmas is just around the corner.

Husband, Monkey Boys, and I went to our local Home Depot the other day to look at plants. We turned down the aisle that would lead us to the outdoor garden center and there they were. Christmas trees. Ornaments. Outdoor electronic Santas. What happened? We weren't even half way through October. I turned to Husband and said, "We lost two months by coming in the door."

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squishsmom said...

Amen!! I went to WalMart the other day to get a hoe...apparently these are seasonal and have been moved out to make room for HUGE blow up snow globes for your yard...lol