Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Reign in Adult Speech

Reign in Adult Speech: verb. To make sure what you say is appropriate for little ears.

This morning, I took Monkey Sons #s 1 & 2 for a walk around the block, as I often do. And, again as I often do, I had to say to Monkey Son #1, "Watch out for the dog poop." Then he asked something like, "Is there dog poop?" which, of course, there was.

Now, there was a slight problem with the answer I gave him. I didn't curse, but my reply may not have been so appropriate for a four-year-old's ears.

"Yes, because some people are either too lazy or too stupid to clean up after their animals!"

Whoops. I flew off the handle there for just a second. People who don't pick up after their animals are a pet peeve of mine, and I find it really frustrating to have to clean off Monkey Son #2's stroller wheels and our shoes because of it. If you run out of bags one day, that's one thing. But, so often, it is no accident. Still, I guess I should have said something like, "Yes, but not cleaning up after your dog is rude, and that's why we make sure we bring bags when we walk our dog."

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squishsmom said...

Free range pet piles are a peeve of mine as well. It amazes me how many people who are walking their pets stop to let them "take care of business" in my yard!!! Our neighbor has a cat that prefers to use the dirt in front of the gate that leads to our back yard. I feel like collecting it and leaving it on her door step.