Monday, August 4, 2008

Common Sense Mistake

Common Sense Mistake: noun. A mistake a parent makes when they think they are following common sense.

How many times have you said, "It should have...," or "I never would have imagine that it would..."? You think something is pretty intuitive, only to find out that you have royal screwed up whatever project you are working on.

About two years ago, a relative of my husband came to visit us while he was in the area. He showed me a set of silicon bake ware that he picked up for his wife, and he must have thought that I liked them so much, that I should have one. Shortly after, he was generous enough to send me a set. Hey, I was hardly complaining, and still use the pans and spatulas he sent.

Now, here's where we run into the problem. You see, when I made muffins, they didn't really stick to the silicon muffin pan, but popped right out. I don't remember having to grease them, but maybe I did. Whether I did or didn't, all I remembered (it has been a long time since I made muffins) is that they simply pop out. So, when I went to bake Monkey Son #2's birthday cake a week ago, I did not grease the pans. They should just pop right out. What's horrible is Husband, as he watched me, mentioned something about it, and I just brushed him off. I certainly knew what I was doing.

I wish I had a picture to show you, but I think you probably understand what happened.


Jessica Lynn said...

Oh no!! I use the silicone muffin cups, I love them.....but I do spray them with oil first.

I have a stoneware baking sheet that is fabulous. You don't grease it or wash it with soap. I think if I ever got a regular old metal one I would forget the whole greasing the pan stuff and would probably do the same thing.

squishsmom said...

Ha...don't feel bad. I made my son a Sponge Bob cake and apparently didn't grease and flour the pan very well...Sponge Bob's face never made it out of the pan ((LOL)) Fortunately I had a spare box of cake mix ;0)