Friday, August 1, 2008

Maternal Exhaustion (part 2)

Maternal Exhaustion: noun. That deep down completely exhausted feeling a mother gets just from being a mother.

This is the second time I've posted on this subject. That's because, occasionally, the Monkeys are up at night either constantly or for long periods of time. That's ok, because it's nothing Super Mom can't handle, but I won't lie and say I'm not tired or feeling lazy.

11:00pm: I'm finishing up everything I need to do and going to bed.

11:45: Monkey Son #1...sleep walks, I guess. I hear him crying and wandering around. I find him in the hallway, sitting and crying. He says he pinched his hand. I take him back to bed, but he's unwilling to go, and keeps whining that he wants me, but won't tell me exactly what's wrong. I try to calm him down and tell him that I'll make him a bagel for breakfast. In his sleepy and rather confused state, he says, "You said I want a bagel." So, I ask if he's hungry and he tells me he is. I take him to the living room and get him a banana. As he sits on the couch eating, he wakes up a little more.

I ask him about his hand, and he tells me he didn't pinch it. But I get him back to bed, but Monkey Son #2 is awake from all the commotion, although he may have never gone to sleep. I leave, and Monkey Son #2 seems none too happy, and his crying makes Monkey Son #1 cry. I'm trying to calm everyone down, and notice that Monkey Son #2 keeps staring at something behind me in the area of the closet. I turn, and I see what looks like a floral print dress move. There is no floral print dress in the closet (nor do I think I even own one). As quick as I saw it, it disappeared. This would be a good time to point out that when I'm very tired, I tend to see things.

Eventually, I get everyone settled down and go back to bed.

1am: Monkey Son #2 is up and crying. He seems pretty awake, and I take him out into the living room. He plays for an hour, occasionally hitting me in the head with toys. At 2am, he is back in bed.

2:06am: Monkey Son #2 is crying again, and I'm hoping and praying that he'll go to sleep. He does.

6:45 am: Monkey Sons are both up.

For as little sleep as the Monkeys got, they both seem to be in decent moods. And I wouldn't trade a night of sleeplessness, especially if I get to be with them in the morning.

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