Friday, July 25, 2008

Waterfall Cold

Waterfall Cold: noun. A cold or other minor but annoying illness that cascades through several members of the same household.

Last night, Monkey Son #2 would just not go to bed. His nose ran and he was just miserable. Our first thought was that he's teething, and it was a few hours after his normal bedtime before he finally went to sleep, and even after that woke back up for a bit.

When I went to check on the Monkey Boys a little while later, I heard Monkey Son #1 sniffling in his sleep. As I've been known to say, oh fudge nuggets! If they're both sniffling, that means Monkey Son #2 is not teething. They're sick. Both of them. Two sick kids are never fun. Heck, one is no fun. And yet, here we are, two sick kids.

After 11pm last night, I was still finishing up things that needed to be done before bed. Taking out the trash, emptying the dishwasher, making lunch for Husband to take to work the next day. Finally, I got to bed. But then at midnight, Monkey Son #1 woke up, miserable. I got him taken care of and put back to bed, and went back to bed myself. At 1am, Monkey Son #2 woke up, also miserable. He wanted nothing more than to be cuddled, which I did, and within a few minutes he fell asleep in my lap. At 7am, Monkey Son #1 got up, crying.

By now, I'm quite tired, and feel that I'm coming down with whatever it is that the Monkeys picked up. Oh, fantastic. Here's to a raised immunity system.


Jessica Lynn said...

oh what a night!! I hope you can all rest today and start to feel better...

Kristina said...

We're doing better today, thanks!