Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swear of Mispronunciation

Swear of Mispronunciation: noun. A word that a child mispronounces, and ends up coming out as a swear word.

Monkey Son #1 sometimes says some strange things. He'll yell out, "You're a baby powder!" and we are supposed to know exactly what that means. Well, the best we can figure, it means nothing, and he's just looking for a silly reaction.

However, some things he says are hard to understand, just because they are mispronounced. And sometimes, what comes out of my sweet little boy's mouth is just shocking.

The other day, I was changing Monkey Son #2's diaper, and Monkey Son #1 was hovering.

Monkey Son #1 (referring to his brother being changed): He is a diaper a**!

Mommy: What?

Monkey Son #1: He's a diaper a**.

Mommy (a little baffled and upset, calling to Daddy): Do you know what your son just said? He called his brother a diaper a**!

Monkey Son #1: He's a diaper a**!

Daddy: Diaper rash?

Monkey Son #1: Yes.

Oh, diaper rash. I see. Just another form of odd name calling he's picked up, similar to being called a baby powder. Children should come with translators. Oh, wait. That's what I'm supposed to be.

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