Monday, April 27, 2009


Cutoops: noun. Any erroneous activity (purposeful or otherwise) that results from a child's first pair of scissors.

Oh, my monkey is growing up! A week ago, we took the Monkeys to the local elementary school for a little presentation on how to register and what the curriculum is like. Part way through, all the up-and-coming kindergarteners went to one of the classrooms for story, craft, and snack, while we were left doing the boring parts, i.e., the paperwork.

So all went well, and Monkey Son #1 did beautiful. He received a little gift bag with a pair of scissors, crayons, a note pad, and a little cardboard fish that you lace. He was excited and I was so proud, until we got home.

Monkey Son #1 has never been allowed to use scissors for a variety of reasons. This was his first pair. In the next couple of days, he cut his swimsuit, his shoe laces, tons of paper, and the pièce de résistance...was going after the TV. When I stopped him and told him not to cut the TV, he actually turned around and asked why.

OK, Monkey, once again, SCISSORS ARE FOR PAPER ONLY.


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