Friday, August 24, 2012

Wait, APRIL????

I won't lie.  I kind of dropped the ball here.  I've said that several times over the last few months...pretty much every time I disappear from the blogosphere when life gets in the way.  Life has settled out a little here, so let's get back to it.

What you've missed: Philosopher Child had some pretty significant struggles in school, culminating in his IQ being tested for the gifted program.  He qualified  by... a lot.

Little Viking just turned 5.  He's tall for his age, and I'm constantly getting asked if I intend to put him in school this year.  My answer has up to this point been a resounding "no."  Why?  Because he JUST turned five, about a week and a half before school started.  Even though he already knows most of what is taught in kindergarten, he is not emotionally mature enough to start.  You would not believe the flack I've been getting from other parents about keeping him out another year.  One even said, "Just put him in, and then if it's a problem, he can just repeat the grade."  Sorry, what?  Why would I do that?

We're about to start the fall garden.  Photos!  Photos!  Oh, yes, there will be photos!

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