Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cartoon Mirroring Part II

Part one here.
Cartoon Mirroring: verb. To imitate a cartoon.

It's not uncommon for Philosopher Child to forget something in the classroom and I have to walk him back to get it.  On one such a day, as he found his missing items, I chatted with the teacher.  However, as I turned around I saw that Little Viking was on the floor.  I was worried that he was hurt, since I had never seen him just drop onto the floor like that.  But...he was sitting oddly for being hurt.  He sat with the soles of his feet together, back straight, eyes closed, hands in prayer position in front of him.

"What are you doing?" I asked in confusion.  "Get off the floor, please."

He complied, and we moved to leave the classroom.  The teacher said something to me and I turned to respond to her.  When I turned back around, Little Viking was back down on the floor, in the same position.  I asked him again to get up, and we left the classroom.  Partway down the hall, the teacher said something to me again.  I stopped to talk with her, and immediately Little Viking was back on the floor.  He did this several times on the way out of school.

When we got home I asked him about this strange new practice.  He explained that in a cartoon he was watching, there were ninjas that did that.

"Oh, I guess they were meditating," I said.

"Yes.  It's a Chinese thing."

OK, but ninjas were Japanese.  One thing at a time.

Now to teach him dropping onto the floor at a random spot is not the appropriate action when mom stops walking for a minute.

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