Friday, January 6, 2012

Fridays with Flylady

So my first week back with FlyLady in earnest. I do see an improvement in my home, and I'm loving that. However, some days really are better than others for me, as you'll see.

If you don't have an interest in FlyLady or what I did this week, skip this post.

Monday: The first BabyStep. In FlyLady land, this is shining (cleaning) the kitchen sink. I admit that I gave it a bit more than a cursory clean, but not a deep clean. Why? Because I didn't get around to it until 10:30pm. That won't be the normal.

Monday's daily task is the Weekly Home Blessing Hour. This involves changing the sheets, taking out the trash, quick dust, quick sweep/vacuum/mop of main areas, cleaning mirrors/doors, and tossing old magazines. Did those, except the magazines. Don't have many of those to purge.

Tuesday: 2nd BabyStep is getting dressed to lace up shoes. Did it. FlyLady says that when we are dressed to lace up shoes, we are ready for the day and more productive. I have noticed I get more done when I wear sneakers as opposed to *cough Crocs cough*, but if you're not a shoes-in-the-house sort of person, don't let that bother you. FlyLady is flexible.

Today's daily mission is cleaning the walls of the dining room. Did it. Also, the 1st BabyStep, shining the sink, was supposed to be repeated. Did that, too.

Wednesday: 3rd BabyStep was reapeating steps one and two, so shining the sink and getting dressed to shoes. Did the shoes, didn't get to shining the sink. There were some other things being done last night. Part of FlyLady is not getting down on yourself for what didn't get done, so I'm just going try to do it again. The daily mission was picking up the entry way. Did that.

Thursday: Today's BabyStep is doing all of what was done before (remember: we're building habits) and read the FlyLady messages that you can get through e-mail. If you don't want to sign up for the e-mails, don't worry. Although they are nice to have sometimes, they are unnecessary. The online flight plan will be just fine. Also, as part of this step, you are supposed to write little reminders about getting dressed and shining sink onto sticky notes and post them places. Honestly, I don't feel I have enough to write yet, and my eye often passes over the notes and I don't really pay attention to them, despite the fact that they are neon orange. I did not do the sticky notes (yet).

Today's task was sweeping the front porch. Honesty here: I didn't do it. I didn't shine the sink, and I didn't sweep the porch until Friday. I had gotten distracted.

Friday: Today's BabyStep is repeating the shoes, sink, and all that jazz, PLUS writing down all the nasty things you say to yourself. Then you write down something nice to negate those. I've done this step many times, but I'll be redoing it today.

The daily mission today is to dust off blinds, light fixtures, etc. and get rid of cobwebs in the dining room.

*At the time of writing this, I have not yet done Friday's tasks but will be doing them shortly.*

The week in review: Of course, I only listed the FlyLady missions, but I did more. Laundry, dishes, cooking, baking, errands... Anyway, I'm really glad I'm getting back to FlyLady. I really need the guidance. I do notice that it really works to keep the house tidy, but only when I do it, and I don't always. So, here's to the post of accountability and all I did this week!

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