Friday, January 20, 2012


Famenies: noun. Family members that love and support each other because they are family, but don't get along well, especially siblings; the family version of frienemies.

Ah, report card time. Oh, and what's this? Another note about how Philosopher Child's emotions are getting the better of him. *sigh* It's kind of expected, though. He's smart. I mean, crazy smart. And unfortunately, many times with high intelligence comes high emotion.

Walking him home from school, I decided to explain to him the connection, and try to get him to see that he needs to take a step back, think, and calm down before he reacts. I had a plan!...and Little Viking, age 4, in earshot.

"The thing is," I began. "You're smart. Very smart. And-"

"No, he's not," quipped Little Viking.

And so it begins.

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