Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shark Call

Shark Call: noun. A phone call that you know won't be good news.

So, you're phone rings in the middle of the day. The caller ID says that it is your child's school calling. Like seeing a shark fin pop out of the water a bit too close to you, you know something bad is about to happen.

The school nurse called me the other day. Apparently Philosopher Child was refilling his water bottle when another child bumped him. Splash. He needed a new set of clothes. I can't say that I was super excited about having to run up to the school, especially since we walk, but accidents will happen. I packed a pair of pants and a shirt, grabbed Viking Toddler, and headed to the school.

Half way there, I realized that I forgot to pack Philosopher Child some undies. I thought, well, he can't be THAT wet, can he?

See where I'm going with this?

He was, in fact, THAT wet. Which meant after I got to school, I had to turn around, go back home, get him some undies, go back to school, come home for half an hour, then go pick him up to take him home. I was at his school a total of four, count them, four times in one day. I was exhausted. But, like I said, accidents will happen.

Why can't the nurse ever call with good news?

Incidentally, I am love, love, loving the comments. You all are just so sweet!


Shannon said...

Boy! I have had days like that...I have 4 (yes 4) children and everyone of them have had some sort of "accident" at school where I have had to trot some extra clothes over for the post and thanks for sharing the blog by the way!

Alysha said...

You make us new moms prepared for whats to come. You are quite hilarious tho. Love your stories. :)

Purple Cow said...

Ah, those Shark Calls...first think you think of is "Jaws". At my eldest daughter's school they have special dry clothes (from the LOST cupboard) where they just dress them up. I once came to school and she was wearing totally different was a surprise until I found out why.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, you have me in tears, from laughing so much. I'm not your looking average mom, and at this time I am battling for my boy's 3 and 7 years, reading the mom-tionary takes me to each son, you see I am a recovering drug-addict and sometimes I feel I should just stop fighting, but when I come to your blog you remind me what Im fighting for.

Julie M. said...

Oh how I get you on this one. The kicker is that for me, is that when it does happen it always seems to be the second I'm walking in from the grocery store, arms full of groceries on one side and a baby who's screaming (literally) for a nap on the other. And of course the most recent call was for lice. Ewww! Love your blog!

Akram (n) - said...

I'm just an 18 year old college student and even I love your blog. It's pretty funny

Kristina said...

Aww, aren't you sweet, Akram! Thanks!