Monday, March 29, 2010


Parentation: noun. A misunderstanding between parent and child.

This past Friday was a busy day for Philosopher Child's kindergarten class. In one single day, they were planting a garden, having an Easter egg hunt, picnicing, and having a "Love of Reading" day.

On Thursday night, we stopped in at Home Depot to pick up a potted flower for his garden. As we were putting the boys back in the car and talking about his class's garden and the Easter egg hunt, Philosopher Child looked at his flower and declared, "This will attract a lot of eggs!"

Husband and I looked at each other and explained to him it doesn't work that way. His flower will not attract Easter eggs.

"No, not that kind of eggs," he said. "Butterfly eggs!"

Oh, right. They had been learning about bugs in school.

So all is well. We brought in his flower and assorted paraphernalia for the day. The kids would soon all be planting their little flowers in a patch outside of the classroom window. I was about to leave when the teacher told me in a hushed voice that one of the kids had brought in a bag of flour, instead of a flower. Oh, the poor thing! A little parentation going on there, I think.


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Purple Cow said...

Parentation...good word...and I guess we also have a lot of childation as well...

Anonymous said...

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Kristina said...

Myra, welcome to the Mom-tionary! I did take a gander at your blog and I find it fascinating. I wonder, though, why exactly did you and the hubby decide to get up and move to China? Mere curiosity.

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