Sunday, July 26, 2009


Lacktivity: noun. A normal and common activity that you realize you've never done.

Get ready for a shock. I'm shocked with myself, honestly.

Viking Toddler's birthday is next week. He'll be a whopping 2-years-old. And birthday, of course, means birthday cake. I usually make baked goods from scratch, but for some reason I do birthday cakes from a box. Go figure.

So, as the time as is approaching, I brought up the idea (half jokingly) that we should make cupcakes instead of a full birthday cake.

And then it hit me.

I have never made cupcakes.


My oldest child is 5, and I have never, ever made cupcakes. How does that happen? It's like a few months ago when a dropped a raw egg as I was taking it out of the fridge. Of course it hit the floor and made a mess but I wasn't upset that I dropped the egg. I was, however, curious as to how it was that I had managed never to drop an egg before.

Shouldn't I, for some reason, at some point in my life, have had a need to make cupcakes?

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