Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Sneak

Sweet Sneak: noun. Child who sneaks junkfood.
-verb. The act of sneaking junkfood.

So, this morning Monkey Son #1 woke us up. When Husband and I pulled ourselves out of bed, Husband was very upset with him, but I wasn't sure why waking us up deserved such a stern talking to.

"Did you hear what I said, Mommy?" Husband called.

"Yes. What did he do?"

"Did you want pie?" Husband said. For a moment I thought he was asking if I wanted pie for breakfast. Then I looked down to the counter where the day before had been a beautiful pumpkin pie. We were able to salvage the untouched side.


Granola Girl said...

Lovely. Claudia did that with 3lbs of fudge that I made at Christmas to give as gifts... Glad to know its age appropriate at least!

Toni said...

rofl! my dog did that with my pecan pie. I thought it was my dad...