Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's been rumored, and now it is confirmed...

...that I really do rock. Thanks to Nicolle at The Pink Chandelier for granting me this cute little award. And of course, awards come with rules. This one is that I must pass it on to ten or so other blogs that I love. Well...I don't have that many that I read regularly that I think would be interested in this kind of thing, but I'll do what I can. After all, I would hate to be stripped of my crown, uh, award.

So here's who I am granting the award to and why:

A Year of CrockPotting (very cool recipes)

Banana Peel (because stories about her kids are adaorable)

Utah Desert Runner (so cute)

Banned from Baby Showers (so many reasons!)

Winners can now take that little picture and put it on their own blog.

Thanks to all my readers. *Imagine I am holding a dozen roses, decked out in a ghastly shimmering dress that is way too long and earrings that hang down to my shoulders, while bowing and blowing kisses*


Monica said...

You're hilarious! I just love banned from baby showers!

Donna Ryan said...

Oh, yea, so does that mean I am winning?! How did you find me and are you a regular reader? I just skimmed your blog. I'll have to come back and visit. Thanks for the nomination!

Toni said...

lol thanks! I feel truly honored! I'm glad you like my blog!

Donna Ryan said...

I shouldn't read things so quickly! I am an idiot who misunderstood. I thought you were running a "contest". Glad we all "won".

See you on the blog! Where are you anyway?