Thursday, May 7, 2009

Weak Week

Weak Week: noun. A week where everything just seems to be going wrong.

This is my third attempt to write this post. I have had a very, very, bad week. I've cried a lot and spent an inordinate amount of my time completely stressed out.

While trying to spare you any yucky/TMI details, I can say this. I'm super angry that though my symptoms could have indicated anything from ectopic pregnancy to cancer, my doctor's office didn't want to let me have an appointment. They even went so far as to say they thought I was about to start my period. Let's say I was not amused. I had to convince them that what I was feeling wasn't normal. Even then, they wouldn't see me until the next day, despite the fact that if I *had* been ectopic, I could have died by then.

After I had gotten the sought-after appointment, Husband suggested I call the nurse advice line for our health insurance to see if what I was experiencing was really, really serious or pretty normal. The nurse I spoke to said that my symptoms could not wait another day, and that I needed to be seen within 3-4 hours. Armed with this information, I called around to several more offices, who all told me that they were booked solid and there was nothing they could do for me unless I wanted to wait a few days or a week. Even explaining my symptoms and what the nurse had said, no one was willing to budge. They all seemed interested in what was going on with me, just not willing to do anything about it.

Finally, one office suggested I go to our local medical center/lab/clinic, since they take walk-ins. I did, and a few hours later, I had the results of some tests that only told me what the problem was probably not. The most vital piece of information that I got was that whatever was going on, it could wait until my regular doctor was able to give me a more thorough exam the next day.

So the next day the doctor declared it to probably be some sort of infection and gave me a prescription for antibiotics and a strong dose of ibuprofen.

So there we are. Husband and I were a lot less stressed after finding out the probable cause to the pains I had. But the next day, both Monkeys came down with nasty colds, particularly Monkey Son #2. They spent their morning fighting and yelling at me. My bed looks so good.

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