Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Letter Drop Part III

You can find part I here and part II here.

Letter Drop:
verb. The act of mispronouncing a word by young children due to missing letters.

Things are looking up a bit. Husband and I are in better moods, but it looks like I might have to go back to the doctor in a few weeks depending on whether I am completely better. But no worries. Whatever is going on doesn't affect my typing fingers. :)

So, I was helping Monkey Son #1 put together a puzzle that was slightly out of his ability. While we were working on it, he asked, "What's a present?"

"A present is something you give someone," I replied.

"No, what's a present."

"It's something you give someone," I said again.

He got a little frustrated and repeated the word over and over. I thought, does he mean "present" as in the here and now? I was really confused over what he was asking.

Finally, he said. "Present. Like Present Barak Obama."


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