Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Disclaimer: Not a health expert.  Just talking about our experiences.

Nevereverse: noun.  An act, thought, object, or activity that you swore you would never attempt, own, or have but end up doing anyway.

Low carb diet.  The words alone made Husband and I burst out into a fit of giggles.  *Snicker Snicker Snort*  What a bunch of nonsense.  Screw carbs.  It's all about calories.  And whole grains.  And exercise.  In fact, when one of our friends went very, very low carb (read: tried to cut out all carbs), he lost a ton of weight, but was extremely miserable.

Well, of course he was, we thought.  Low carb is such a silly idea.  Everything in moderation and such.

Recently, another male friend of ours decided to try the low carb diet, but with a better idea of what he was doing.  He limited carbs, not cut them out.  Husband couldn't help but notice the weight dropping off of his friend, no misery involved.

"So-and-so had this for lunch.  It has this amount of carbs," Husband would occasionally say.

"Why do you care?" I asked.  "You are using the word 'carbs' a lot recently.  *Gasp!*  Have they...gotten to you?"

"N-no..." he would respond.  "It's just another form of calorie counting, after all.  Isn't it?"

Our resolve was starting to shake.  He started to talk about his low-carb friends' diets more, to the point where he was announcing to me what he had for lunch, and how many carbs was in it.

"Are...are we thinking of going low carb?" I finally asked him last night.

"I think we might," he replied.  We talked about how what we were doing clearly wasn't working.  We both limited calories and ate healthy, whole foods.  I work out.  He only eats two meals a day.  Neither of us tend to over eat.  And yet, we are both overweight for our height and genders.  In fact, despite doing the right things and only falling off the wagon occasionally, I slowly gained 10 pounds.

You may think, big deal!  So, 10 pounds.  It's just 10 pounds.

I have to be very honest with myself here.  That 10 pounds is not just 10 pounds.  I am 5'6" and weigh 168 pounds.  It's not healthy.  With heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, and possibly diabetes all running in my family, I need to take my health seriously, and I need to do it now.  What we were doing would probably work for some people, or a lot of people, but it wasn't quite working for us.

So.  *Deep breath.*  We are giving low carb (not no carb) a shot.  We are currently aiming for under 100 carbs a day, but over 50.  More research is needed on our part, but that's where we are aiming for right now.  We did a full day of low carb yesterday.  I came in at 86g.  Not bad.  Husband came in at 197g.  He asked me to double check the math, but it is correct.  He got a pretty big shock when he realized 100g of carbs a day comes just from his sweetened ice tea.  The kicker is it's not even that sweet.  Half a cup of sugar per pitcher, and he goes through an entire pitcher per day.  He asked me do drastically reduce the sugar and is now adding some lime juice to it instead.

So, let's see what happens.  And of course we have to be all scientific about it.  I took our measurements and our weights, and are writing down what we eat for each meal and snacks.  Maybe it will work out.  Maybe it won't.

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