Friday, September 28, 2012

Being Literal

Sometimes Philosopher Child is delightfully out there.  I remember when he was very young and asked me if God ate breakfast.  Other times, he is so narrow and to the point that he struggles to understand what he is being asked to do, even when it comes to simple tasks.

Yesterday I asked him if he understood the material for his math test.

"Yes," he replied.  "A piece of paper and a pencil."

He wasn't joking.  He really thought that was the answer.

"No, as in the text."


"The book."

"We don't use our books for the tests."


Looking through his school papers from last week, I found this (click the photo to see the whole scentence)

He's not wrong... strictly speaking.

A few days ago, we were in Target and both the boys were misbehaving.  I told them that if they didn't stop, I'd put them in the cart.

Little Viking looked at me and said, "Mom, only one of us will fit in the cart."

Crap, I'm outnumbered here.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

a boy after my heart. i am a literal adult and was also a literal child. i drove my mom and sister crazy at times growing up. i still struggle with it now, but as soon as my hubs started calling me on it and "re-learned" how to speak to me and accepted my "quirky behavior" it got better. i learned that it was okay to be literal as long as i reminded myself that others didn't think like me. when i first realized i was literal i truly didn't understand why my hubs got such a kick out of asking me what time it is. then i realized he was testing me to see if i would ever round up or down. i would tell him it is 1:29 or 3:43, because that was the time. why would i tell him the wrong time? i justified it in my mind by thinking, what if he was planning out his day and wanted to do something at exactly 1:30 or 3:35 and i screwed it all up because i rounded up?
my advice to you? be careful with your words and know that most likely, your literal son will grow up to be a very honest, (even white lies are lies and make no sense in a literal mind), and well-meaning child.....which can be tough to remember when you find yourself saying over and over again, ", not literally." you seem like a wonderful mom and your kids are lucky to have you! :D

Kristina said...

Thanks, Anna! Everything you said is very true.

He's always been a very honest kid. In fact, he lies very, very rarely, and when he does, it is beyond obvious.