Friday, February 13, 2009

Non-Momma Commentary

Non-Momma Commentary: noun. A comment made by a non-mother that ends up being insulting, whether or not it was well intended.

I want to tell you about this article, uh, column I guess, that my sister sent me. You can find it here.

Go ahead and read it. It's short. I'll wait.

OK, you done? Good. Now lets discuss.

Are you insulted a little bit by the question? I guess the thing that bothered me the most is this: Is this the way non-moms view us SAHMs? Do they really think we sit around and eat bon-bons and watch soap operas while our children run wild and we just hope they don't kill themselves? Really?

I agree with what the columnist said (although I probably would have been a bit less snarky about it): When you are a parent, everything you do takes longer than it would a childless person. Shopping, dishes, library trips.

And as for "What do they do all day?" Well, my friends, the other day I was watching an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" on one of the Christian channels. Often, a man name Michael Guido comes on during the commercials and gives a quick little story that illustrates important life points. One day he told a rather amusing story that goes something like this:

A man asked his wife, "What do you do all day?" Some time later, he came home and was surprised by the state of his house. When he asked his wife what happened, she replied, "Now you know what I do all day, because I didn't do it."

Sadly, it's easier to see what a SAHM hasn't done than what she has.


Rebecka Jeffs said...

I liked her response and the snarky comments I think are well deserved :) My husband tends to have this attitude, I should leave him for a whole week with the kids. My husband is always pointing out the things I didn't do. the other day I cleaned up the front room, kitchen, did laundry, and made him dinner. But he noticed the mess the kids had made while I was cooking dinner. go figure!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVED her response! I almost shouted AMEN when I got to the end!

I agree with Beckaboo--everyone notices what you DON'T get done. The five toys left on the floor get noticed instead of the 15 loads of laundry that were washed folded and put away. grrr...

squishsmom said...
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squishsmom said...

OMGosh...Someone was actually ignorant enough to post that "question"!??! I can't believe it but I'm really at a loss of words...maybe I'll post again after 'bon-bon' time...or after Sphen gives me my morning massage…I always think more clearly then....LOL

I forgot to add the "LOL" on my deleted comment...hehe