Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mommy Day

Mommy Day: noun. A day when being a mommy is exhausting and frustrating.

I'll spare you the exact details of what happened in my house before noon today. I will tell you, though, that it involves a sick child, two showers for said child, several loads of laundry, and the toilet in one bathroom backing up into the tub in another.

By this point, I'm exhausted, ready for a shower myself, and just want to pick up my crochet hook and be left alone. Although I know that really won't happen, it's still OK. This sort of thing is not exactly the glamorous part of being a mommy, but it does come with the job.

Some may wonder why being a mom would be worth the hassle, but let me tell you that when your child looks at you and says, "I love you," or reads his first word, you'd be willing to do it all again.


Jessica Lynn said...

sorry you had such a rough day!

I've been there myself a few times.

But you're right.

It's such a gift to have a little person gaze up at you with all the trust in the world, wrap their little arms around you and tell you they love you.....

I think we'd do anything.

Kristina said...

Yes, and then we got the dvd we've been waiting on for MONTHS, and then bring it home to find out that our dvd player no longer works.

And then today, I think I have the flu. Fantastic.

And yet, I'm still considering making bread with Monkey Son #1. That's a mommy's love. Well, that, and ginger tea.

Kristina said...

Ok, well, maybe not bread, but some sort of craft.

Anonymous said...

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